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mongoDB – under SUSE SLE11 – SP3

Getting started with mongoDB under Suse Linux. Installation:

Note: Default port is 27017 Starting/Stopping mongoDB server:

Verify server status:

Make it part of the autostart for different run levels:

Getting started with mongoDB

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Hide/Show Desktop Icons on SUSE

Sometimes it is desirable to have a clean desktop. The following steps will allow you to achieve that with minimal commands.

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LAMP – install on Ubuntu

Easiest way to install LAMP stack on Ubuntu servers

Yes the ^ is needed.

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dummy sendmail

Lets say you are developing an app that sends mail, but you don’t want to actually send any mails out. The answer for your quest is “dummy sendmail”

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sudo config

sudo is a standard way to give users some administrative rights without giving out the root password. This can also be configured for non root users as well.

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sftp only access (no shell access)

Add the following lines to /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Make sure to restart sshd daemon.

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command > some_file.txt 2>&1

What does 2>&1 do in a linux console?

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Change the default editor

I ran into this with CentOS 5. Where the default editor for the system is set to nano! I like vi and wanted to change the default to it. login to the system vi .bashrc Add the following two lines to .bashrc

run the command, source .bashrc A change to /etc/bashrc will make it a system wide change

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Virtualbox dhcp set

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Simple all mail relay

You have a server who’s IP is already white listed on your mail server & you wanted this server to pass all outgoing mails to the company’s mail server. This method basically eliminates the need for a mail server to be running on the local box.

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