Matt Tharma

Quote of the day: “Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles one overcomes while trying to succeed”



To contribute my creative Systems Engineering skills along with the years of Linux, Networking, Embedded system development experience to collaborate with a team that enhances your organizations success.


2014 Aug – Present Aequitas Innovations Inc., Toronto, Ont
Application Engineer/System Administrator

  • Being part of the technology and operations team which is responsible to make sure all the systems (100+ Linux/Oracle/Windows Server) are up and running.
  • Analyze/troubleshoot/fix any issues related applications or systems or network.
  • Deploy new applications, patch systems with the latest security updates.
  • Develop system modules (scripts/applications) to interact with the existing system level components.
  • Automate tasks to minimize operational errors.
  • Maintaining the internal JIRA/Confluence ticketing/CRM system.
  • Working closely with other teams to achieve deadline requirements.
  • Document new operational process & procedures for the existing/new systems.
  • Work with the business operations team to identify and troubleshoot customer issues (Level 3 support).
  • Write ad hock scripts/programs to analyze and model data.
  • Troubleshooting Order Entry (Fix 4.2), Market Data (ITCH, NITCH, STAMP), Replay/Recovery, Drop Copy gateways/process

2008 Oct – 2014 July Penguin Engineering Systems Inc., Brampton, Ont
Senior Systems Engineer (Independent Consultant)

  • End to end Software developer. Task involves the development of the firmware development for the custom hardware designs and the controller/server/GUI components.
  • Server/Controller customization to make a real-time responsive system that guarantees the communication to the devices and to the end user interfaces.
  • Development of various test suites for regress testing scenarios to evaluate the best/worst cases of the hardware/software models.
  • Evaluation of various hardware components to minimize production costs.
  • Working closely with customers to implement new features and improve the existing system.
  • Developed & deployed Condo management software ( for day to day activities of a condominium hosted on a cloud environment using LAMP.
  • Designed an electronic elevator display system using iMX53 & LAMP. It has eliminated the use of printed notices, display real time news feeds along with live weather, slide show of the building and a news ticker for quick notices.
  • Implemented various encryption technologies throughout the hardware/software models to keep the system secure and proprietary.
  • Administering all the PESIplex’s servers and remote controllers.
  • Implemented iptable firewalls on all servers and controllers.
  • Currently maintaining various web based products hosted on Linux servers running the LAMP stack.

2002 Dec – 2008 Oct Condoplex Monitoring Systems Inc., Etobicoke, Ont
Senior Systems Engineer

  • Managed, Proposed and implemented various Linux based Embedded solutions. Solutions including the implementation custom kernels, custom system configurations and various diagnostics tools using shell scripts.
  • Invented and implemented new feature sets for the applications to satisfy customer needs. Solutions ranging from MySQL database design/optimization, picking the right hardware to implementing various network solutions.
  • Improved & Enhanced the Graphical User Interface [PHP, Tcl/Tk, VNC, IceWM].
  • Employed various procedures for efficient product development and testing, which has accelerated sales volumes. [Custom scripts, automated tasks managements, etc].
  • Successfully migrated the entire company from a Microsoft Windows based storage system with a Linux server. Also implanted live and scheduled backups with Linux based open source tools. [RSYNC, Samba, Software and Hardware RAID]
  • Build, configured the company’s Web, Mail, dialup, firewall server using various open source components [Apache, Sendmail, IPTables & CalmAV]
    Hands on experience with remote upgrading/monitoring of customer sites.
  • Created a Service Tracking utility using LAMP, which is used by the technical support, development & RMA teams.

2000 Mar – 2002 Dec Navtech Systems Support Inc., Waterloo, Ont
Installation Manager

  • Managed more than 60 Linux, Windows & Sun Servers in a mission critical environment.
  • Developed a variety of system monitoring tools using Perl, bash & PHP to monitor remote servers. These tools were configurable to generate reports of various formats [graphical, html & email]. It is still used by the Technical support teams. It is also displayed by the Sales teams at many trade shows to promote company’s service levels.
  • Played a key role between the Sales team and the customers in defining standards and implementation tasks.
  • Implemented various WAN, LAN, VPN & PPP Solutions & failover network methodologies. Worked closely with AT&T on implementing Frame Relay/ISDN circuits.
  • Improved the server installation procedure to minimize the installation time from weeks to hours.
  • Ad hock code development/fixes [C, Perl, PHP, bash, ksh & sed].
  • Implemented various backup solutions [RAID, NAS & Custom Scripts], implemented disaster recovery procedures.
  • Implemented high availability Linux based clusters & achieved 99.999% uptime.

1996 Jan – 2000 Jan University of Guelph CCS Guelph, Ont
Systems Admin, Web designer, PC & LAN Specialist

  • Successfully administered the UofG library pool computers & print-systems.
  • Assisted and trained library members with various computer applications.
  • Diagnosed and developed solutions for enterprise wide network issues.
  • Designed web pages for businesses [HTML, Java Script, Perl, CGI, and Apache].
  • Developed custom software solutions for a Video Store [Visual Basic 6, MSAccess].
  • Setup, maintained & supported Engineering Student Club’s web/email/ftp servers.
  • Instructed and tutored students with Linux related projects.


  • Working with an open source project called SIMPL (Synchronous Inter process Messaging Project for Linux).
  • Created my own version of Linux LiveCD using Slackware 11 & 2.6.X.


University of Guelph Guelph, Ont
Engineering Systems and Computing, BSc, (Eng)


  • Experimented almost every major version of Linux distributions since 1995.
  • Administration of Apache, MySQL engines
  • Setting up Sendmail, IPTables based firewalls, SVN version control on various Linux Servers.
  • Clear understanding & Hands on training on Preemptive Linux Kernels.
  • Strong network routing skills & Hands on training on various WAN, LAN, Serial protocols [TCP/IP, Frame relay, PPP, Ethernet, RS232 & RS485].
  • Versatile shell scripter with bash, csh, ksh, Perl & Php for system level automations.
  • Performance analyzing and tuning of Servers and Embedded Controller (under Linux).
  • Have successfully managed a team of engineers with various projects from ground up to deployment.
  • Have implemented 3 tier-securities in various products (system level, communication level & application level).
  • Have done numerous sales presentations, technical product training as well as onsite installation & integration of proprietary products.
  • Proficiency in C, C#, .Net Framworks, Java, Turbo C, Visual Basic, 68000 Assembly, shell scripting and IC [Interactive C] for the Motorola’s HC11 Micro controller chipset, CCS & Hi-Tech compilers for Microchip.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, Perl, PHP, Java Scripts. jQuery
  • Experience with design/setting up MySQL databases, replication and backup.
  • Hands on training on, FreeBSD, IBM’s RISC 6000 & AIX, Unix Sys-V, DOS, Windows 2000, XP Embedded, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Clear understanding of the operating system internals.
  • Hands on experience with data encryption/decryption (i.e. 3DES).
  • Excellent knowledge of embedded technology & kernel preemptions.
  • Hands on experience with Windows to Linux connectivity.
  • Have evaluated various virtualization products including VMWare and VirtualBox.
  • Played a major role in selecting the right database for the job by installing Oracle & Mysql under Linux and some C programs to gather information, which were then plotted on to a MRTG graph for easy analysis.
  • Clear understanding & hands on experience with Linux print & mail sub systems.


  • Ability to learn and adapt to any environment quickly.
  • Ability to work in a group oriented infrastructure and motivate users acquainted with new tools.
  • Ability to think critically, act logically to evaluate, solves problems and makes decisions.
  • Possess exceptional listening skills with an excellent command of English language
  • A highly professional, organized, decisive, result oriented and committed individual with high energy.


  • Alumni member of the Guelph School of Engineering.


  • Photography (Member of Brampton Photo Club)
  • Reading, evaluating open source products for Linux
  • Involved with a group of Engineers who teach kids electronics and robotics


  • Available upon request.
    No Twitter Messages.